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Licenses for advanced features will be available for phase 1, 2 and 3 for a low monthly fee (see below). No special devices : just install the free app on your personal smartphone and enter your license code to activate advanced features. You can delete or add more licenses at any time to cover your employee’s needs.

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What you'll get
  • Count and archive casting defects to generate personalized graphs
  • Save notes and solutions specific to your casting process
  • Share and retain knowledge across your organization
  • Get recommendations, checks and helpful tips always available from your pocket

Next steps

Beta Phase 1 available now for free

  • We are calling for metallurgists to help us test and contribute to phase 1, which provides user-friendly info on casting defects available in your pocket. Are you interested ? Then download it now and tell us what you think.
  • You’d like to cooperate with us? We really value your experience, so go ahead and contact us so we can start cooperating on this project !
  • Please share pros and cons, what you like and don’t like, what you would change, new features, etc.
  • support@castingdefect.com

Phase 1 2023-2024

  • Save notes and personalize the built-in solutions according to your machines, processes, materials, historic, etc.
  • Train your employees on casting defects
  • Get access to user-friendly casting defect info from your pocket
  • Retain knowledge and follow-up on solutions from your key employees and share it with your team instantly

Phase 2 2023-2024

Phase 2 will be an add-on to Phase 1:

  • Count and archive casting defects per casting part #
  • Establish volume indicator per casting defect per part
  • Automatically graph casting defect evolution in time
  • Use this advanced feature for quality control and process improvement
  • No more paper to computer input
  • Use reliable data to efficiently focus your efforts on the process
  • Data available live anytime on your foundry network for managers, techs, etc.

Phase 3 2023-2024

Continuous improvements of both phase 1 and phase 2

  • Establish money value indicator per casting defect per part
  • User-friendly gating tool and other features requested by users